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No Normals

Bob Pendleton

Many people look at that symbol in the upper left hand corner of and wonder what it means. The symbol is a Gaussian curve, often called a “normal” curve under the international “no” symbol. The idea for the symbol came to me during an online discussion about what it takes to be a game programmer. The one thing that everyone agreed on is that game programmers are not normal. The one thing you can be sure of is that the people who spend a lot of time here are not normal. In fact, the more normal you are the less you are likely to be interested in this site.

Hi, I'm Bob Pendleton, I created this site with the hope of providing a place where people of widely different backgrounds could come together and help each other learn to program. And, especially to learn to program games. I also write open source libraries to help programmers develop games. If you support the goals of this site please click on the donation button and help me keep this site going.

If you need help in any part of the game design process. If you need help customizing any of my libraries. if you need custom development work done. Hire me. I am available and I'm not going to charge you an outrageous price. Resume available on request.

I can guarantee that I am not entirely normal, and I produce better than normal code.

Copyright © 2003 Robert C. Pendleton. All rights reserved.